Services for board game shops

Stand out in town

We know how difficult it is to stand out in the city with the ever-growing ecosystem of board game stores competing for the same customer niche. We help you stand out with unique products with which to build customer loyalty.

Awesome shelves

Our 3D pieces and its professional grade packing will give your shelves new life and freaking good looking.

Customers love

Customers will love that tiny little 3D pieces, tell their friends where to find them, spread the buzz, get more customers.
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free samples

We provide your store with a product displays plus sample pieces for free.

Let customers feel the pieces

Letting the customers touch the pieces is the first step towards another sell.
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Increase board games sales

Customers are more likely to buy a board game if there's upgrades for it.

More catalog rotation

Customers love to expand their games with little upgrades from time to time.
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Sell on demand

You don't need to stock, you can sell through our catalog at discounted prices.

We are on your side

we can send directly the products to your customers in your name.
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