Services for board game publishers

We help board game publishers to overcome the difficulties of manufacturing and distributing their games, as well as providing them with promotional material for their games and thus increase their sales in the crucial first weeks of launch, giving added value to their games at a very low cost.

We can concept, design and manufacture your next game components ant any scale from dozens of units to thousands without molds, production queues and long waiting times. Welcome to 3D printing for gaming.

Do you want to reward the first 500 buyers of your game? Do you want to have special pieces for whoever buys your game at Essen or other fairs? We can manufacture any special meeple, hexagon or piece to viralize your launch. Regardless of scale, small or large print runs.

We can function as your customer service department. We can directly manage the delivery of spare parts to your customers around the world, including manufacturing them on demand. You will avoid having to have a large stock of spare parts.

Let yourself be advised by an enthusiastic team of board gamers, with in-depth knowledge of the industry and its needs and opportunities. We have the key to grow your company, and more importantly, retain your customers with innovative initiatives and added value.

Services for board game authors

We help the entire ecosystem of board game authors achieve professional-looking prototypes while keeping costs low. Increase your published games ratio.

Let us manufacture your inventory for prototyping new games, we have hundreds of premade models at your disposal, from meeples to hexes to all kinds of resources and other pieces. Download our catalog.

One of our key advantages is that we can make short runs of components, print on demand what you need without incurring into large costs. This will improve the looking of your prototypes when you present them to publishers.